Windjammer Sailing in 2020

Greetings Sailors!

It’s a grey blustery day on the pier as I write this. As you can see from the photo, Manitou is well on her way to getting put to bed for the winter. It’s always a little sad to see her like this, but we look forward to the long list of fall and winter maintenance projects to keep her looking and sailing her best.

On another note, we’re happy to announce that Manitou’s 2020 multi-day Windjammer cruise schedule is now posted on our website:, and we are now taking reservations! Come join us for the ultimate Manitou sailing experience! We already have a list of people who gave us deposits as they disembarked from their trips this season. Windjamming gets in your blood! That’s why some of our loyal shipmates have been sailing with us for 20+ years!

We kick off the 2020 Windjammer season with the always popular 5 Day Explorer (September 8 – 13; $939 per person). This one always feels like a family reunion, as it’s the most popular cruise with our returning sailors. They know that in order to really immerse themselves in the Windjammer experience, longer is better. This cruise really gives us the opportunity to unwind and embrace the rhythm of life on a sailing ship!

If you can’t quite commit to a five day trip but want a real traditional Windjammer cruise, the 4 Day Explorer (September 15 – 19; $859 per person) is for you. Like the 5 Day Explorer, the focus is on the sailing and embracing shipboard life with no set structure (other than meals!) or itinerary.

For our fans of Mary Stewart Adams, we are happy to report that she will be continuing as host of our traditional 4 Day Stories of the Stars Cruise(September 22 – 26; $859 per person). Mary will guide us through a journey of the night sky. She is a star lore historian, storyteller and author who has been immersed in the history of star knowledge for nearly 30 years. This one is a passenger favorite and usually books early.

Finally, we are very excited to introduce our first Michigan’s Historic and Haunted Lighthouses Cruise (September 29 – October 03; $839 per person)! Michigan has more lighthouses (and freshwater coastline) than any other state…and of the 120+ historic beacons, nearly 40 are rumored to be haunted! What is it about lighthouses that attract ghostly spirits? Maybe it’s simply a passion that will not go away. Lighthouse keepers were known to be extremely dedicated to their profession and it seems that many were never able to give it up — even after death. Coming from the pages of the best-selling book “Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses” by Dianna Stampfler, this cruise will shed light on notable keepers and their families who committed their lives to protecting others, and the lore that lingers about their spirited activity at the lighthouses around the Great Lakes. A special tour of Grand Traverse Lighthouse is included, and each guest will receive an autographed copy of Dianna’s book.

No matter which trip you choose your cruise will be highlighted by new friends, casual fun, and phenomenal home cooked meals prepared on a wood burning stove.


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We look forward to sailing with you again.

Fair Winds!
Captains Brett and Dave

P. S. – Our amazing chef, Lexi is returning for the 2020 season!