Wayfarer Agreement Pokemon Go

but you didn`t think that probably after optimizations, improvements, corrections, etc. in reality means that you haven`t been as good as you thought, and your past, even if you have a report agree of more than 60%, affects you, and if you don`t change some things, your present will affect your future and go red, I think it`s an absolute joke that it has a great agree record, but it`s in the end in the red. I received one out of 2676 to 681, and I can say that everything I voted positively is in accordance with the rules. Even the approval rate of 39% and almost an Evergreen. Maybe the Germans know how not to name garbage all the time, or they are far too lazy to do so. 😛 I read that German PoGo players tend to be stricter than Ingress players. From what I have read in my group, that may be true. You refuse about 0.45 portals for each one you accept, I`m at 0.25. You duplicate 0.001 portals by acceptance, I have 0.04. You refuse 2x times more, but I duplicate 40x more. It is certainly geographical, because we are a huge lag.

My approval rate was 30%, but I was always in the green simply because we didn`t have enough reviews to get deals. As there is a delay (5 months or more), there are many duplications. Second, I do not have a sense of my contribution. The person I answered used the number “Duplicata” to analyze the voting patterns of the operation. However, since this figure was only tracked a week ago (regardless of how it was counted previously), it cannot be used as a valid statistic for comparisons. If I scored 10 duplicate portals last week and I`ve had 15,000 chords before, and some new users also scored 10 portals as duplicates last week and have 150 chords, it seems in percentage that they are 100 times more likely to score things like duplicates. When in fact we have scored the same number of duplicates per week — I just checked for longer. Personally, I think it`s because some path points appear in ingress, but not Pokemon go, so if the Wayspots ain`t pokemon stops /gyms it couldn`t count to the godfather pokemon badge I tracked my numbers from the traffic signs and just today I went from big (green) to yellow and as you can see, it hasn`t really changed ?!? And why is my recon greater than my overall agreement? We have contributed so much to the POI network, for the love of all games.

We followed guidelines, taught them to others, asked questions from WADA that clarified certain guidelines… and that effort feels very badly taken right now. Many honest critics say they will stop, which will only contribute to more disagreements for others who follow the guidelines and more agents who go into the red. This is most likely due to two points right now, if you get an agreement of its 2 points in the direction of the plate, but only a point on the panels means it will show more towards the plate, but less on the badge signaling mine says 3823 but my precursor says 3823 2301 I guess they also applied double dots on Pokemon badges or it wouldn`t be fair for people who play only Pokemon and not ingress My friend has Wayfarer altogether 1552 w/905 chords and his metal Pogo is 1,098.