Sail aboard Scout with Captain Amber

The perfect way to sail West Grand Traverse Bay

A private 2-hour daysail aboard the Sailing Yacht Scouta classic Cabo Rico 38 XL, with our new Captain — Captain Amber!

Meet Captain Amber

My name is Amber Ramsey. I am originally from Sanford, Florida, just a few miles outside of Orlando. Being the eldest of 4 daughters, I was raised with a great sense of responsibility to set an example, and rise to the occasion of challenges. 

My sailing career started 4 1/2 years ago with a sailing lesson at the local Key West sailing club bought for me on my birthday. At the time, I never would have thought that I would even like sailing, never mind it becoming a passion of mine. One class, and I was hooked. I immediately quit bartending and started working with Danger Charters, a trio of schooners that operate eco-tours and sunset sails. 

However, with cockpit lead sheets, my thirst for learning all I could about all things sailboat quickly outgrew a company where my job mostly consisted of giving tours. So I began training as backup crew on the Schooner America 2.0. I started out with no promise of shifts, only fill in work. Over the past 4 winters, I’ve progressed up to the position of 1st mate. I’ve also worked for the same company in Boston on Schooner Adirondack III and M/V Northern Lights and for the traditionally rigged Schooner Argia on Mystic, CT.

Finally, after just 4 years sailing, I’ve acquired my 100GRT Near Coastal. And I am thrilled to have my first command aboard Sailing Yacht Scout and a summer full of new and exciting challenges. 

More about Sailing Yacht Scout

Scout is a classic Cabo Rico 38 XL.  Built in 1988 on a mountain site in Costa Rica, this lively cutter combines vintage design lines with modern construction technology.  From her graceful clipper bow and wood deck trim to a stunning symphony of honey-colored teak (all sustainably plantation grown) below decks she will take your breath away.  Brainchild of legendary naval architect W. I. B.  Crealock, this vessel has won a reputation for soft motion and stout offshore performance.  Scout is licensed and inspected by the state of Michigan to carry passengers.

Whether you prefer sipping a drink under the shade of the cockpit Bimini top, lounging below, or stretching out to sunbathe on deck, there is plenty of room for your group. Scout is well stocked with complimentary snacks, fruit and non-alcoholic beverages. We even have Moomers Ice Cream in the freezer!  There is also plenty of refrigerator room to store any alcoholic beverages you would like to bring aboard.

Sail on the Scout now!

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