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Deadline for the sending of the signed apprenticeship agreement and prior authorisation agreement confirmed to the Office of International Relations: the minimum academic requirement for the mobility grant is 3 ECTS points per month of study abroad. Regardless of this minimum academic requirement, students should take courses of 30 ECTS points per semester (depending on the academic workload of one semester). If Erasmus studies abroad are part of the preparation of scientific work (mastery, thesis, thesis, etc.), the ECTS points that the supervisor grants for satisfactory progress in this work are included in the academic workload. Please note that briefing appointments and instructions for the preparation of the Apprenticeship Agreement/Pre-Authorization Agreement for each faculty should be sent to students appointed in February/March 2017. Pre-authorization agreement: A pre-authorization agreement must be requested prior to mobility and a copy must be filed with the Office of International Relations. This is done through UNIGRAZonline. Registration for one or more courses can be done in person or online. If you register personally, you can do so during the opening hours of the ICU office in the university`s main building. If you sign up for online courses, you must first enter your data online on sportinstitut.uni-graz.at/de/usi-myusidata/ no later than the day before you register online. Course registration dates can be made here. Please ask any other questions about ICU courses and course registrations at the ICU Sports Institute office.

Scholarships for the 2016/17 school yearAs the European Commission`s Erasmus programme guide predicts, the countries of the programme are divided into three groups for which scholarships have been set in Austria: Mobility in a student`s country of origin: the European Commission normally provides for a period of mobility in a student`s country of origin. This excludes any mobility in the country where the student has his or her normal residence. Students whose main residence is located in a neighbouring country and who come to Austria only for study purposes (border workers) cannot be funded for Erasmus mobility in their country of residence. Possible extensions of the ERASMUS course should be discussed in advance with the outgoing coordinator at Med Uni Graz. It is imperative that the renewal form be put in place on time. Time information is provided directly to the coordinator. Once available, you can stay at all Med Uni Graz University Hospitals. Depending on the university hospitals, blocks of two or four weeks are proposed. EU students can use their e-cards from their home country, as they are also valid in Austria.

Please make sure you have all the relevant information from your home insurance! The programme`s countries include the 28 EU countries, as well as Iceland, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. Switzerland`s participation in Erasmus: Switzerland does not participate in Erasmus. However, students are welcomed under “Erasmus” conditions and are funded by the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). The application procedure for a mobility period in Switzerland is the same as for all other places. -At the 5th year VMC under the OSCE: Grazer Skills Guide, learning videos and preparation for the CSC For more information, please contact the Erasmus coordinator.