“A Fairly Epic Evening”

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary we’ve started gathering some great stories and feedback from past guests and we are looking forward sharing them here on the website and over on Facebook, like this one from Philip:

Last summer, I rented a small sailboat on Lake Michigan, and had the pleasure of seeing the Manitou from the water early in the day.  That evening, I boarded for wine tasting and an evening sail with plans to stay aboard overnight.  It was a fairly epic evening with good wind, a bit of rain blowing in after the wine and snacks were put away, and a bright rainbow following us back to the dock.  That night, with perhaps a dozen aboard, the clouds blew away, and we were treated to a few falling meteors.  With breakfast on ship, and showers and land, and interesting company to visit with, I cannot imagine trading that night for one in an ordinary hotel.  The youthful energy and friendliness of the crew, including a lovely chat with a past crew member visiting, were greatly appreciated.
To your continued success,
– Philip S., Austin TX