October 31, 2016

2017 Windjammer Cruises

Greetings! As we write this, a cold October rain is beating down on the roof and a stripped down Manitou rolls at her dock in a big north swell. Within a week the winter house will be secured and she’ll […]
April 14, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Great Lakes Windjammer, Part 2

“Remember, she has a delayed response so you have to anticipate where you want her to go, not react to what she does.  If you do that you’ll always be playing catch-up.”  Wise words from our Captain, but who is […]
April 9, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Great Lakes Windjammer

Part 1  For those of you who have yet to experience the joy, exhilaration and relaxation that are part and parcel of sailing a windjammer, we thought we’d give you a taste.  So let’s get a feel for a typical […]
November 18, 2013

Lots to Offer on the 2014 Windjammer Cruises

As I look outside on this dreary, rainy November day, it’s hard to believe just how quickly summer flew by this year.  Captain Brendan and First Mate Brett spent a long day yesterday getting Manitou’s winter cover secured.  Before we […]
August 23, 2013

Local Highlights

When you step aboard the tall ship Manitou, our goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime.  In a world of prepackaged, cookie cutter experiences we pride ourselves in the authenticity of our sailing adventures.  In keeping with […]
July 22, 2013

Happy Guests!

Scout has been sailing with charter guests for about three weeks now, and we’ve been having a great time!  We’ve done a bit of everything so far, including our standard 3 hour cruise, a Power Island Adventure, and some Sail […]
July 15, 2013

Sailing Yacht Scout Joins the Tall Ship Family

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of activity at the Tall Ship Company over these last few months!  In addition to schooner Manitou’s annual start-up ritual we’ve been immersed in the daunting but exciting task of purchasing, delivering, prepping and now chartering our new vessel, Scout.  Capt. […]