Apple Developer Data Processing Agreement

Then we will recover all areas of the database. A user can request that the processing of their data be stopped. Finally, in the public database, you need to check the data you store for a particular user and determine which data should be deleted. Apple takes the security of your personal data very seriously. Apple online services such as the Apple Online Store and iTunes Store protect your personal data by using encryption like Transport Layer Security (TLS). When your personal data is stored by Apple, we use restricted computer systems that are housed in facilities that use physical security measures. With the exception of iCloud Mail, iCloud data is stored in an encrypted form, even if we use third-party memory. As a developer, you can store user data in iCloud backup, Key Value Store, iCloud Drive and CloudKit. You should make sure that the user really wants to delete his data en masse. For shared databases and public databases, you need to make a difference when determining which data should be returned to the user.

In a database, you can have one or more areas depending on the type of database. If you meet RGPD requirements for data stored in iCloud Backup, Key Value Store or iCloud Drive, you can treat the data like other data stored locally by your app. If Apple knows that it may have had a data security incident that could affect our users` personal data, we have set up special teams to review and find out what happened and determine what action to take in response. If we find such effects, we immediately work to close them and identify repair steps, if any, through software updates. All information you provide may be transmitted or accessed by companies around the world, as described in this privacy policy. Personal data relating to Apple services for persons residing in a Member State of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland are controlled by Apple Distribution International Limited in Ireland and processed on their behalf by Apple Inc. Apple uses approved standard contractual clauses for the international transfer of personal data collected in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.