Alibaba Trade Agreement

(b) you and your related companies are not subject to trade restrictions, sanctions or other legal restrictions adopted or proposed by a country, international organization or jurisdiction (“relevant topics”); Depending on the type of coverage (pre-shipment coverage or post-delivery coverage) you select for the trade security order, you can check the products before or after delivery. If you have recent financial pressures and you urgently need to import goods from China to earn money, paying Later can be a good choice. This is a small business loan from a third-party Alibaba financial partner to finance your commercial insurance contracts for up to 6 months. You can pay for the Alibaba inspection service assigned to the commercial security service. You can add the trial service while you create the trade backup order or before making the first payment. 5. Shipping date: Instead of saying send in August, indicate a date such as August 5, 2019. You can also indicate a solution in case of delivery delay. If the supplier is having trouble reaching the delivery date, they should discuss with you a new delivery date and revise it in the commercial security system. However, if there is no prior confirmation with you (buyer) for a late delivery, you can open a dispute. 10.3 may involve independent third parties in the provision of sites or services (for example.

B authentication and verification service providers). You cannot use a brand, service mark or logo of these independent third parties without the prior written consent of these parties. 6.5 may impose, suspend or terminate at any time and with reasonable respect for the member`s use of a service or website, without being responsible to the member, if has received notice that the member is violating an agreement or obligation with a related company of, including, but not only, Taobao , Alipay, China Yahoo! , and this violation involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent activities. reserves the right not to review or request confirmation of the member. If the limit is less than your order value, let`s say you have an order of 50,000 USD, and the commercial insurance limit of the supplier is 30,000 USD, it is more likely that the supplier does not accept this order, because in such a situation, even if you paid for the order, Alibaba will freeze the supplier`s capital until delivery. , which causes cash flow difficulties to the supplier. You create z.B. an order of $80,000 with a down payment of $25,000. If you opt for pre-shipment coverage, your first payment of $25,000 will be protected in case of quality issues. If you opt for post-delivery coverage and the supplier`s commercial insurance limit is $100,000, your total order of $80,000 is protected and can be refunded if the supplier is undetectable. When searching for products, look for the Commercial Insurance symbol and the supplier`s Trade Assurance LimitWe evaluate each participating commercial insurance provider and give them a commercial insurance limit for buyers. This is the maximum amount the supplier can use for all orders.

Our careful assessment is based on the supplier`s business history and qualifications: the greater the supplier`s commercial security limit, the better its trade balance on . (c) you and your related companies do not offer products or services that may cause international trade restrictions, sanctions or other legal restrictions on relevant topics; Below is an example of clarification of the shipping date in the sales contract, you can also indicate other important quality requirements as well as dispute resolution in the sales contract as specifically as possible, in order to protect yourself when using the commercial warranty.