Employment at Traverse Tall Ship Co.


Each season, Traverse Tall Ship has several positions ranging from deckhand, to cook, to mate, to office staff which need to be filled. Most positions run from March to October, although there are positions which are available for shorter periods of time. You must be a team player with a positive attitude, strong work ethic and outstanding people skills. Crewing a tall ship is rewarding but very demanding. You must be prepared to work long hours performing a wide variety of tasks under conditions which are often physically and mentally challenging, and the work must be done with a smile on your face.

You must be willing and able to interact with passengers, as well as your shipmates, in a positive and appropriate fashion.

While we prefer candidates with experience, we do offer entry level positions for those individuals who are motivated to learn. All Manitou crew are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. We have a zero tolerance for illegal drug use.

Please contact us for more information.